About me

Callum John

My name is Callum John

I'm a filmmaker, performer and creator. I am an active filmmaker with a focus towards producing, directing and cinematography. Since graduating with a 1st BA (Hons) in ‘Digital Film Production’, I have gained experience working on a variety of different productions, from films, documentaries, commercials, event coverage, theatre promotionals and online content. While based in Oxfordshire and London, I am happy to travel for work, as I have a particular interest in exploring new projects and ideas.
To me, media, from film, television and new forms of online digital media have been a massive part of my life, as its influence of me, has allowed me to express my creativity and fall in love with the experiences that it has to offer, me and you as a viewer or creator. This is my personal site, and a summary of my work, and the projects that I'm working on. Get in touch!