Callum John

Director | Filmmaker | Creator

I am an award-winning filmmaker and creator with a variety of skills and talents.
My roles include, but are not limited to:


From initial idea to release, I effectively manage, budget and coordinate a production.


With a keen eye for detail and imaginative vision, I aspire to bring interesting and compelling stories to life.


From shorts to commercials, I use my technical ability to bring aesthetically pleasing imagery to the screen.


With experience in promotional materials and event coverage, I look to capture the perfect moment in the frame.


I have strong work ethic, communication, and time management skills, in order to effectively perform the various duties, either on a live set, or at a unit base.


With specific training & qualifications on COVID management for productions. I keep up to date on the regulations and guidelines on testing and COVID regulations.

About me

I am an award-winning independent filmmaker and creator with a focus towards producing and directing digital content.

Since graduating with a 1st BA (Hons) in ‘Digital Film Production’, I have gained experience working on a variety of different productions, from films, documentaries, commercials, event coverage, theatre promos and online content.

While based in Oxfordshire and London, I am happy to travel for work, as I have a particular interest in exploring new projects and ideas.

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"Callum is a joy to work with. Both his creativity and his commitment to spending long hours scouting locations, filming shoots, and photographing events have helped bring "Merrily We Roll Along" to life. We hope to work with Callum again in the future as without him and his creativity, the show would have been unable to be a finished product. "
Mrinmoyee Roy
Producer | GOYA
"I would highly recommend Callum, as he's a fantastic member to have on any team - he works very attentively individually and very well in a group. He is also a natural and confident leader, with a good attention to detail and isn't afraid to take on a challenge."
Emily Stanley
1st AD
"I have had the privilege of working with Callum on several projects now and with every production he shows enthusiasm, commitment and an appetite for productivity. His skills as a producer are remarkable and I know that he has only a matter of time until he achieves big things in film!"
Jason Farries
Director & Actor | Black Elk Productions
"Working with Callum was a fantastic experience. He went above and beyond what my team required of him and was an asset to our production. He is always efficient, enthusiastic and produces work of the highest quality."
Issy Paul
Director | RJ Productions
"Callum is an innovative director and producer, who's knowledge and background translates into the quality of his projects. His communication skills from my experience have been second to none and would definitely recommend him again."
"I have worked with Callum on multiple projects and have been very impressed with his work ethic and passion. His skill are clearly shown with creativity and vision. I was impressed with the production value and scale of the project despite having a limited budget and crew."
Joe Sandford
Angle Productions
"Callum is not only an excellent director and writer but he also an amazing friend. Treating every member of his team, DOP to runner, Lead actor to extra, with the same upmost respect and professionalism. Taking time to answer questions and make the whole experience as comfortable as possible for all those involved."
Harry Pudwell


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Callum John