BLOG 3: Strengths & Weaknesses

The task of self-evaluation is a complex and difficult one.
For this, I will identify and analyze my current (at time of publication) strengths and limitations in relation to the various areas of film production. To show this I am going to divide the presentation into the three production categories; pre, production, and post.



As a collective, I believe that pre-production is one of my most disciplined skills. This comes from my advert interest of script-writing and producing. Though within these roles, I am particularly strong at story-planning. This relates to planning out the narrative of a film alone or in production meetings. Additionally, due to my personal obsession with contact-making, I both enjoy and very capable of the procedural tasks of contacting, casting and communicating with other individuals in order to help create the start of the shooting process. This comes in the form of the roles of the casting director and location manager, as both for my own and other people’s projects, I have a backlog of actors and places which I am able to contact for a production.

However, an area that I need to develop my understanding much further in is related to some of the paperwork involved in order to plan a shoot. Most notably, risk assessments and AV scripts are some elements which I have a basic knowledge but not to a level of which I need in order effectively perform these roles. Also, more due to previous not practicing this method, I have very little experience in creating storyboards. This came from a lack of understanding of the importance of them in a film’s production, therefore I need to discipline myself into using them more effectively on future shoots.



Within the filming process of production, I am able to highlight that my skill-level seems to vary more depending on my personal confidence on particular roles, especially in relation to more technical positions. Part of this comes from my need to develop my knowledge and discipline of set etiquette, as furthering this skill will help me identify which areas I need more development in onset. This is because even though I have a basic understanding of most roles on a set, due to my current level training, I have much more confidence in relation to roles such as a director, especially when directing actors and as either an AD and producer having the communication skills in order to manage a set to ideally more to best of their ability. Additionally, in relation to my aspirations to work as a DOP, my skill-level is split between having confidence solely when mapping out and organizing camera operation, but when working with experienced crew members able to help out organizing lighting. This comes from my desire to observe and learn those skills that I would like to develop my knowledge and confidence in by on-set tutorial or learning by experience. This is because for not till 2017 did I start using DSLRs as my main camera-body, as previously I had used zoom-lens professional camcorders, therefore I need to develop my skills and confidence in using the more complex DSLR camera set-up.



In the editing bay, I would say that I have rather effective in the cutting, shot-organization, and basic audio leveling stages when using the software Adobe Premiere Pro but outside of these skills, I require the most development and additional skills. This relates to my little understanding of more advanced audio mixing and colour correcting, as I have had little experience using these more technical skills. Additionally, I have little to no effective understanding of After-Effects, outside of making light-sabers, which there makes this an area that I would like to develop through further tutorial.

One area outside of film production in relation to my career that I additionally have conflicting skills is in relation to promoting myself as a freelancer and advertising my skills and services to others. This is because I am rather strong at verbally promoting myself when in conversation with a possible client, both online and in-person, however, I need to accumulate a more effective online presence and portfolio, as I have had very little discipline in relation to self-advertisement.