BLOG 1: Cinema, Careers & Callum

“My name is John. Callum John.”
Yes I know my name is two first names…

I’m a student filmmaker studying BA/BSc (Hons) Digital Film Production at SAE Institute Oxford and this is my blog space for me to talk about myself, my career and one of my favourite subjects; film.

I’m aspiring filmmaker focused on directing, producing, screen-writing, cinematography and editing. A long list I know but I believe that at my level in my career that it is essential to develop my skills and understanding in many areas of film production in order to effectively grow within the industry in the roles which I am interested in so that I can produce effective and entertaining products of moving media, while exploring potential opportunities in film, radio and television production as career.

Being an Oxford-based pop-culture geek, I believe that films are the insight to the imagination of its creators, from the initial consumption of the idea, directing the production on set, to the extensive process of editing together the final product.

I enjoy filmmaking, and why I aspire to have a career working in my interested areas of film production, as it means that I am able to have my own creative input on an industry that I love.

This is why I decided to study this specific course at SAE and therefore graduate with the particular skills and knowledge needed to professionally and effectively aspire into this career after my time here.

To me, cinema is my career.