BLOG 4: Development

Following my blog on my skill set in relation to my personal career, I am going to discuss a specific area of development in order to further my aspirations.

The area of development I have decided to discuss here is those needed in relation to the role of a DOP and Camera Operator, while I aspire it as one area to advance into a career, it’s the one I believe I require more progress in.

The role of the ‘Camera Operator’ and ‘Director of Photography’ are areas that I would like to develop as I have an interest in the production of a film’s cinematography and how to visually conveying a narrative.

In order to this, I need to outline how from my areas of weakness in relation to this job, as mentioned in the previous blog, and therefore analyze how I can work myself to improve and maximise my time at SAE to be able to improve. For me, the largest area that I know I need to develop in regards to the role of a Camera Operator/DOP, is confidence when using a DSLR.

The skills with DSLR I need to develop is to become more confident my understanding of the technical features of the equipment. This is because though I know how to use the camera, I can sometimes worry about if I am correctly using it’s ISO and aperture settings in the best possible way that I could be in order to quickly and effectively film a shot. This means that in order to develop this skill, I need to dedicate my time to growing my confidence using these settings by practically using them, as I believe that I maximise my learning about skills like this by physically using them in tests and on-set.